Callipeg 2D Hand-drawn Animation App Review

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Animation is an amazing way of bringing your imagination to life. However, it was something that was always considered to be hard as you not only needed to have that artistic flair but you also need to have mastery of advanced software. However, all that is set to change now, as you have access to the Callipeg app on your iPad. This app is perfect for amateur as well as professional animators. Let us take a look at some of the features of the app and see how you create stunning animation clips.

Animate Like a Pro

Callipeg app is one of the apps that manages to check all the boxes. For example, what is the first thing that comes to your mind when you sit down to create an animation? Brush sets that help you get the drawings right. Well, you would get the whole set of brushes that you need, including a pencil, HB pencil, china marker, Indian ink, soft pencil, and charcoal. You would also get multiple layers. You have the drawing layer, where you can add sheets, import pictures to them, add in-betweens, and set their timing. You also have the video and audio layer which would give you the chance of the video and audio clips, and play around with them to add more character to your animation. The transformation layer also helps to add key frames, nesting your drawing layers. It also comes with an innovative curve system that allows you to animate your drawings easily.

Callipeg 2D Hand-drawn Animation App Review


  • Multi-gesture controls
  • Control frame rates from 12,24,25,30,60 frames per second
  • Export your animations to MP4, PNG, GIF, HEVC
  • Fully customizable brush settings
  • Fully manageable time with an easy-to-use, minimalistic interface.
  • Drag and drop pictures from other apps.


Callipeg app packs in a lot of features, which makes it ideal for beginners as well as professionals. You will get a 7-day trial period, after that you can choose from 3 different plans. So, get ready to give wings to your imagination with the Callipeg app on your iPad. The app can be purchased for monthly subscription at $1.99 and $12.99 for yearly subscription. For Permanent Purchase it costs $54.99.

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