1Contact Pro Contact Manager iPhone App Review

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Managing contacts often becomes a challenge, especially if you have a large number of contacts on your iPhone. Most of the time, you might have different entries for the same contact or different phone numbers for the same person. These entries not only take up a lot of space on your phone but also make things confusing. At such times, you wish for an app that makes contact management easier. Thankfully, those wishes are now fulfilled with the help of the 1Contact Pro -Contact Manager. This app makes it easy and efficient to manage contacts. Let’s find out how.

Making Contact Management Easier

1Contact Pro – Contact Manager is an app that does so much more than the ‘Contacts’ app on your iPhone. As said before, most of us have a number of different contact details for the same person. This makes it difficult to find the right number when you are looking to reach out to them. The 1Contact Pro – Contact Manager is the right app that would make it easier to manage the contact. You can find and merge duplicate contacts. The app also allows you to clean unwanted and unnecessary contact details with ease.

1Contact Pro Contact Manager iPhone App


  1. Add edit, delete, or search contacts with ease.
  2. Delete missing or unnecessary contacts
  3. Backup contacts with ease
  4. Share or send multiple contacts with the help of email, SMS, and other suitable ways


When you are looking to get more from your Contacts app, then get the 1Contact Pro-Contact Manager as that would make contact management a whole lot easier. You can not only cleanup, backup, and manage your contacts, but you can also share the contact details with ease via SMS, email, or other ways. So, download the app and manage the contacts without any hassles. The app is priced just $0.99 to download from App Store.

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