Huckleberry: Baby and Child iPhone App Review

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Ensuring that your baby gets enough sleep is a worry that gives many new parents sleepless nights. The Huckleberry: Baby and Child app aims to solve the issue by giving you a complete solution for all the issues. And if the number of downloads is anything to go by, then the app does seem to get the work done. But what are the features of the app that helps it to stand out? And how can you use it for better monitoring of your baby and child’s well-being? Let us find out more about the app and see how it helps new parents like you.

Baby Tracker & Sleep Experts

A Huckleberry: Baby and Child is not just an app with a sweet name. It is a potent tool that every new parent must have on their iPhone. Since we talked about sleeping, let us talk about it a bit more. Newborns and their parents often have to go through a lot of issues including day/night confusion, the four-month regression, and transitioning from two naps to one. To deal with that, Huckleberry: Baby and Child come with unique features that allow you to set your child’s sleep pattern and monitor accordingly. Not only that but it also helps to keep track of breastfeeding, diaper changes, pumping, solid food intake, temperature and medication, and much more. Another important feature of the app is the SweetSpot feature, which makes it easy to detect your baby’s nap time with a high degree of accuracy.

Huckleberry Baby and Child iPhone App

App Features

  • Daily charts and stats that help to monitor your child’s sleeping and eating pattern
  • Reminders for tasks like feeding, diaper change, etc.
  • Personalized sleep plans
  • You can set up multiple profiles for all your children and monitor them individually


The Huckleberry: Baby and Child app is a simple yet effective way to monitor the health and well-being of your child. You will be amazed at how simple and well-designed this app is. It is packed with features that make it even more valuable. So, download the app today and make parenting a little bit easier.

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