Camera 2 Android App Review

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If you have never known your leisure hours without your camera in hand, then you are probably having the best kind of photography apps installed in your smart phone. With passing time, people only consider getting bigger and better. For youngsters, better and more enhanced technology is the ultimate deal. Camera 2, designed by JFDB Labs, is the ultimate Android photography app which has got awesome features to get you clicking all the way! Try your hands on some great pictures and amazing videos, only through Camera 2 app. The app costs $2.99 in Google Play.


If you long have been waiting for a real-time photography app, then your wait has been finally answered. Not only will you be able to take better pictures through them, but also have a lot of fun creating and editing them every time. Camera 2 Android app has been configured with several amazing features among which is are the unique high quality effects that can be used for creating many different themes with individual or group photographs. So, roll back into the 70s and 80s and add some retro jazz to your contemporary style with the interesting features. Explore your creativity further with the Comic and Sketch feature, which enables you to express yourself in new ways through B & W, mix and match, new style and printed comics.

Camera 2 Android App Review

Something when you suddenly feel the urge to doodle, tap to activate the art feature and then add your own dash to the pictures. Make even the simple photos look Sci-Fi with the advanced technicalities the app offers. Also, geeks can get access to old computer monitor features to up the excitement quotient of the photography session. However, the most exciting feature is a filter which offers the ‘out of focus and depth of field’ look to pictures. Since, the app allows users to capture all photographs in HD and apply effects to them with ease. More than 40 high quality effects are present and features like timer, auto-flash and different flash modes can be indulged into from a standard camera app. Camera 2 app requires Android 4.0.3 and up.


There is no doubt that Camera 2 app is a classic contribution by the Android Play Store, but users must be aware that the app does not support custom ROMs. However, one can share the creations directly from the app into a preferred social networking platform. Bring any amount of effects to your pictures and lend them your individual look. The app is completely licensed and highly compatible with possibly all the top Android devices. It is also essential to know that the app does not personally manage, create, send or store any personal data and the photographers taken and edited are completely and totally owned and used by the app buyer.

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