Biophilia Android App Review

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If you are someone who adores music and technology and has always felt hopeless in the absence of the both the elements, then you got to know about a special app for Android called Biophilia. Wooing people with its amazing multimedia access to nature, music and technology, this app adequately covers all the three areas. Comprising of a galaxy of musical artefacts and some soul-stirring original music, the app is something that music enthusiasts have not experienced since a long time. Since, Biophilia has been conceptualized by musician Bjork, it is deemed as the passage to musical exploration. The exciting part is however, the inclusion of the theme song of the album, named Cosmogony. Biophilia app costs $12.99 at Google Play.


The user-friendly features of this extraordinary multimedia app, presents a string of educational artworks. Users would be excited to check out the album’s latest songs within Biophilia, namely Virus, Crystalline, Moon, Sacrifice, Thunderbolt, Hollow, Mutual Core, dark matter and Solstice. To give users an enhanced and celestial experience, the app features a three dimensional universe, which users can move through while listening to the music files. This spell-binding and heart-throbbing universe exploration theme can been configured with the help of an expert professional team comprising of instrument makers, scientists, software developers, artists and instrument makers. If you really believe that music transcends everything earthly, this app is sure going to reinforce your belief through its stunning display and electrifying design. The rich experience is made even more imaginative through the incorporation of the physical forces of the universe along with various structures and processes, which together gives birth to music.

Biophilia Android Music App Review

So, sit through the design of Android Biophilia app while you explore the relationship between natural phenomena and music notes. So, future astrophysicists can sure have their fill, while musicians get to indulge in pure and soulful music. Pass your time by moving slowly through a dimension universe collaborated with a 2 dimensional music track list. Get to access a combination of artefacts by tapping on stars and constellations. You can share this app with friends by unlocking various games and art, or simply enjoying some gang-time by singing along to the karaoke! Biophilia music app requires Android 4.0 and up.


Surely Biophilia for Android is interesting in a number of ways as for the first time we have an Android app which educates us, while it entertains! Moreover, Bjork fans will get to know a lot more about their idol as well as trace his inspiration for the composed strains of music. Thus, it is definitely a mile stone for apps featured on hand-held devices where mobile interactive technologies exploit the multimedia capabilities of music.

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