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For those who had enjoyed ‘Around the World in 80 Days’ during their childhood, here is a game version of the classic adventure novel! 80 Days game app for Android has a superb steam-punk twist about it which enables players to circumnavigate the world, experience some great adventure and unravel some engaging stories along the way. Designed by inkle Ltd, the game is giving people sleepless nights with its insanely adventurous ride across oceans, steam-trains, mechanical camels and airships! Acknowledged by TIME magazine as one of the most enriching games of the year, players have nothing more to think about. Download the game for $5.00 from Google Play.


Have you got an explorer within you? Then probably you would be dying to know about the future of the journey that Phileas Fogg takes. 80 Days Android game app offers a great opportunity to race your mind across continents and stories, while having a dynamic gaming experience. You can choose to travel by any of the provided transportation means and pick any route of your choice to sail across the 3D Globe in style! The new version features an added new journey, now to the North Pole. The imagination of readers has been carefully and perfectly captured as Fogg is sent through an entertaining and interactive journey throughout the world. Especially recommended for good writers and novel readers, this adventure role-playing story-cum-game is a terrific piece of brain child, that is pacy and gripping throughout. If you have loved Sorcery! then here is the good news for you. Inklewriter engine behind the development of Sorcery!, is also the developer of this app. Meg Jayanth has brilliantly done up the half-million word script and Jaume illustration sure knows what makes brilliant and convincing art.

80 Days Android Game App

Choosing to be Passepartout, Fogg’s loyal valet, can be equally mind-boggling as the player in the role needs to balance everything from the finances to the health to the time to the correct route that would be most convenient for his master. Along with controlling and speeding up your own action, you can see where other players and competitors lie in the game through the live-feed provided. Get into a cat-and-mouse chase with them by trying to keep up or beat their routes and triumphs! 80 Days game app works fine on smart phones running Android 2.3 and up.


With a good many number of people downloading and appreciating the game everyday, players new in the block, can put their money on 80 Days without doubts. The breakneck race that the game ropes players into, takes them through uncountable secrets and stories, and in the process enable them to explore love, romance, murder and intrigue!

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