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Songza app for Android builds on the concept of online radios wherein it analyzes the context and time to suggest playlists for the user. So if you’re walking, entertainment or performing workouts, Songza could suggest suitable playlists to you. This Android music app can be downloaded for free from Google Play; however the ad-free version of the app costs $0.99.


The first time you open Songza app for Android, you’ll be asked if you’re a socialite, and if you wish to connect the app to your Facebook account or whether you prefer to be a standalone user. Once you make your choice, you can immediately start using Songza. The app suggests activities that the user should be doing on a given day. For example, if it is Saturday, you should be doing house work or spending quality time with your family. Once you select an activity, the app will present you a list of genres that likely correspond to what you’re going to do. After you select a genre, your selection will narrow down to three playlists that usually corresponds to six genres. Now you only got to tap on a playlist and put the headphones on! While listening to a playlist, you can skip a track or pause and give a song a thumbs up/down. This helps the app to learn your tastes and music preferences, and provide you with customized tracks and playlists in the future. You can perform these actions right from the notification bar. Anytime you can share your playlists with others via email or Twitter, or purchase a song from Google Play Store.

Songza Android App

Songza Android app also let you select your playlists manually. You can either browse the popular playlists – Trending, Featured and All Time – or search for personalized recommendations using the Explore option. Since the app syncs with the cloud, your preferences are stored across platforms. This comes handy if you use two or more devices to listen to your favorite songs using Songza. If to cite an example, you can find your favorite playlists on your iPad after listening to them from your Android phone. The app also comes with a sleep timer that let you set when the app should stop playing the songs and let you sleep peacefully.


Songza app for Android attempts to deliver the right music at the right time for its users. Its algorithm learns to suggest playlists based on what you’re likely to do at a specific time. Facebook integration allows you to view the playlists your friends listen. The UI is well designed and easy to navigate. It also let you share your playlists with others. To sum it up, an app that knows exactly what to play without having to change tracks manually, even though you got an option to do so as well.

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