Trial of the Clone Android Game App Review

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Trial of the Clone app for Android is about a clone that sets out to find a place in a cold, uncaring, but also kickass and ridiculous futuristic world, solving challenging puzzles and fighting monsters along the way. Trial of the Clone game app is available for download at Google Play for $5.99.


Trial of the Clone Android app is a selectable pathway gamebook that allows the users to make choices, interact with the world, and otherwise navigate through over a hundred scenes and thousands of potential pathways. The game has a spinning random number generator that spits out a figure between ‘0’ and ‘3’. In scraps, that number is added to your fight statistics and denotes how much damage you mete out on your opponent. For skill checks, you get three chances to spin high enough to continue and if you fail you’ll inevitably die. Trial of the Clone keeps an automatic Adventure Sheet to maintain track of statistics and account. Uphold an artwork arcade and come across a graphic in the gamebook and be capable of accessing it full-screen forever.

Trial of the Clone Android Game App

A bookmarking arrangement allows saving your situation in the gamebook, much like putting your clips or digital extremities amid the pages to retain information of your preceding page when going through the paperback. Soundtrack composed is outstanding and needs a special mention. As the story opens out, you are left to formulate the important selections. The trail you walk has an effect on the gear you get, the scraps you will wrestle with, and how lifeless you end up. Besides having a pick of course to take, a type of combat is also used in addition to clashes of wits and charm which necessitate virtual throws of the dice plus a cheat system for folks who feel so prone to. For larger device landscape orientation is supported.


It might not have the undead slaughtering heft or the nostalgic strum but Trial of the Clone is funny enough to render all that immaterial. Trial of the Clone Android game app shows it’s comfortable with violent self-deprecating sci-fi humor.

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