Camera+ App for iPhone Review

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For photography enthusiasts, Camera+ is a must have app for their iPhones. A product realized out of the collaboration between Taptaptap and Canadian photographer Lisa Bettany, the Camera+ app gives an added dimension to the iPhone camera, whose features are otherwise limited at best. Camera+ iPhone app comes at a price tag of $4.99 per license, and is available at the iTunes App Store.

How Camera+ App Works

To start with, Camera+ app got an interesting UI. When you launch the app, you’ll first see the view-finder of a DSLR camera with a small LCD display below. The said LCD display got two options: Take photos and Lightbox. Clicking on the ‘Take photos’ option causes the screen to zoom from the view finder view to a full screen image of what object the camera is facing at the moment. In order to click the picture, simply press the camera shutter button. On the other hand, if you turn on the ‘image stabilization’ feature, making use of iPhone’s built in accelerometer, the shutter button blinks red, yellow or green, depending on how steady you’re holding your iPhone. Green indicates that you are holding the device still, and as soon as its flashes green, the app automatically clicks the photo.

Camera+ App for iPhone

Another notable feature of Camera+ app for iPhone is an option to display the rule of third threads. Anyone who has used cameras would know that grids help click better pictures all the time. Also the app offers 5x digital zoom.

Once photos are clicked, tap on the Lightbox button on the back of the Camera+ virtual SLR, and you’ll find the photos you have just clicked arrayed as if on snippets of film. Photos clicked in the same session appear on the same strip of film. In order to edit a particular photo or add filters, just tap on the magnifying icon that appears on the top-right corner of the photo or click on the photo itself. Doing so brings up a pop-up with options to edit, save, copy and share. Once edited, you can choose to save the photos in your camera roll, or you can share it via Twitter/Facebook or email the same. It is also possible to import photos from camera roll, and edit it using Camera+ iPhone mobile application.


Camera+ is powerful enough to meet most of your photography needs in your iPhone. The application is easy to use, robust, and has a not-so-steep learning curve. It has some features that both advanced and beginners would certainly enjoy. On the downside, you can’t view photos in full screen mode and it supports only landscape mode while clicking pictures. And at $4.99, it is just ‘reasonably priced’.

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