Cameringo – Effects Camera App for Android Review

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Do you want more teeth to your camera app? Check this one out: Cameringo – Effects Camera for Android. It is a camera and photo editing app that comes packed with excellent live filters and photo effects. It is also capable of recording and creating GIFs. You can get Cameringo – Effects Camera for $1.31.


Cameringo – Effects Camera for Android gives you the pleasure of shooting beautiful photos. Using the app, you can capture, edit and enhance your photos using photo effects and live filters. As of now, the app provides over 125 camera photo effects including several Lomo and Lo-Fi effects, artistic painting, cartoon and paper styles, vintage, retro, analog, and many deformations types, including even fish-eye, wide angle camera filters. You can also choose from 30 borders/frames. Cameringo – Effects Camera app has a wonderful and easy to use UI. You can use either the front facing or back facing camera to click the photos. Of course, the app works with existing photos as well. Another noteworthy feature of Cameringo is the ‘virtual flash’ that let you click photos in low light conditions. Said feature works even if your phone does not have a built-in flash. The app also has a built-in timer.

Cameringo – Effects Camera App for Android

As mentioned, using Cameringo – Effects Camera app for Android, you can create GIFs. You can also apply the same filters and animations to the GIFs. It is also possible to customize the GIF speed to produce funny animations. The app also has a decent crop feature that would come handy to Instagram users. The built-in image stabilizer takes care of shakes while clicking pictures. You can preview the filters in real time. The app is also stable and responsive. Cameringo – Effects Camera also comes in a ‘Lite’ version that is available free of cost.


Cameringo – Effects Camera app comes across as a good camera replacement application for Android. It comes with loads of filters and effects, as well as unique features such as ‘virtual flash’ and ability to create GIFs. The crop feature comes handy if you regularly upload photos in Instagram. The image stabilizer helps you to manage shakes while clicking photos. The app is stable and responsive. To sum it up, a new effects photo-camera app for everyone’s taste at your fingertips.

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