The Room Android Puzzle App Review

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The Room app is a 3D puzzle game which has ruled the roost on the Android platform since its inception. Developed by Fireproof Games, the app has already gathered numerous titles including iPad Game of the Year 2012 by Apple, Excellence in Visuals by The International Mobile Game Awards 2012 and many more. The Room Android game app can be downloaded from Google Play Store for $0.99 which seems to be negligible considering the amusement it tosses on the screen.


The objective of The Room game app is to unlock the puzzles hovering inside the room. The Room provides a stunning graphics and sweet background music during the game play. Once after the successful installation, launch of the game begins with an introduction of four puzzle boxes. The primary box is offered as an exercise to the game play controls, which exhibit how to move around the room and connect with peculiarities of the boxes. The player has a little stock for things like keys found in compartments in the box. A key stock component is a unique lens that permits the player to see things produced using the Null component that makes parts out of the case. The lens can for the most part be prepared whenever to see these mysteries, frequently obliging the player to control the perspective to adjust insider facts into a sound image. The objective is to completely open each one puzzle box, extricating a little however more confounded box inside it.

The Room Android Puzzle App Review

The interface of The Room game is outstanding. It allows the user to completely navigate the room with a single finger touch which is hard to believe but it is realistic. The game utilizes a mixed bag of movements empowered by cell phone touch screens to reproduce activities in genuine living, for example, looking around the room, turning keys, and initiating switches. The Room will be making you addicted to it once you begin playing but one thing is to be remembered it’s easy to start but hard to master.


The Room app is an innovative puzzle game for all age groups. It requires Android version 2.2 or higher. The app keeps a player’s feeling of observation under test to juggle between his/her hit and combos to illuminate it. The puzzles are the right bit of testing, not unnecessarily hard however canny enough to bring an inclination of accomplishment when you succeed, making The Room a must have application that is as satisfying to your brain as it is for your eyes.

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