Can Knockdown 2 iPhone Game App Review

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If you want a game to idly flick through a few minutes of a boring meeting, Can Knockdown 2 for iPhone may perfectly fit the bill. The game dynamics remains more or less the same as its predecessor. The additions are in the form of few new modes and an enhanced presentation to create a more all-round gaming experience. You can get Can Knockdown 2 game app for $0.15 from iTunes App Store.


The main mode in Can Knockdown 2 for iPhone remains essentially the same. You will be presented with increasingly complex can structure, with the task of knocking down each individual can. You have five shots to take down the cans. If you manage to successfully knockdown the cans, you’ll gain one more ball. Your aim should be to find the weak spot and hit it perfectly. A perfect knockdown will give you score multipliers. Of course, there are explosive cans, bonus ball cans, and obstacles to get in your way. The game physics is precise. The controls are intuitive at best. Your throwing of the ball is a combination of speed – how quickly you swipe on screen – and accuracy (when exactly you lift your finger off screen). If you hit the pile of cans right, they’ll explode outwardly, sometimes in slow motion.

Can Knockdown 2 iPhone Game App Review

Can Knockdown 2 game for iPhone features two other modes: both the modes are timed, and provide a different gaming experience with respect to the classic mode. One is a timed target practice mode, wherein you got to toss balls at floating targets that pops up at random places on the screen. A close shot will knock the target down, whereas a strong one to the middle will cause it to explode and earn your more points. In the second one, you got to fire the balls are flying cans that are shot out of pipes at the bottom of the screen. Since both are timed, you won’t get much time to sit back and aim at your targets. The graphics is decent. The game is also stable and responsive. Can Knockdown 2 game app require iOS 4.3+.


Can Knockdown 2 for iPhone is addictive as its predecessor. The addition of two new modes gives it more variety. The game is fun as long as it lasts. It is perfect for those quick two minute bursts of game play that iPhone is so good for. The controls are intuitive and easy to pick up and play within a matter of seconds. The graphics is eye catchy. The game is also slick and responsive. Overall, a perfect time killer game to waste few minutes while waiting for the bus or languishing in the airport lounge.

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