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Heads Up! for iPhone is about reverse charades that will bring out laughs from everyone. In the game, one player holds up the clue and others tries to communicate said clue to the first player. It is the iPhone version of the fun and hilarious game from Ellen DeGeneres that she plays on her show. You can get the app for $0.99.


In Heads Up! for iPhone, once you select a deck, place the iPhone on your forehead and let your friends communicate to you what the phone is displaying. If you’d managed to successfully guess the card, simply tilt the iPhone downward to bring up the next card. On the other hand, if your friends had failed to properly communicate to you the item, flip the phone upward to pass and go to the next card. Since you got only one minute at your disposal, your goal should be to guess as many cards as possible. The clues are divided into decks, and the app comes with seven of them. They are: Pop-Star Overload, Icons Legends and Stars, Act It Out, Hey Mr. DJ, Animals Gone Wild, Blockbuster Movies and Accents and Impressions. Additional ones like Sports Legends and Fictional Characters can be bought via IAP.

Heads Up iPhone Game App

Once you’d chosen a deck and the countdown has started, the iPhone camera records whatever amusing actions, accents, songs and words you and your friends had come up with. After the time is up and the app had totaled the score, you have the option to replay the video. Obviously it’ll be fun. You also have the option to save the video to the camera roll or share it in Facebook. The app is smooth to navigate. But once you tap ‘play’, you can’t come out of it and change the decks until the time runs out. The tutorial comes handy to first time players. The app is designed for kids of 13 year or more. For younger ones, the deck Act It Out seems a good fit. Heads Up! App requires iOS 7.0+.


Heads Up! for iPhone is fun and is sure to generate lots of laughter while playing. The game concept is simple and easy to play. It is all about how well your friends could communicate the term displayed to you. Since you’re racing against a clock, you got to guess the right word quickly. Later, you can watch the video of those amusing expressions, songs, and accents that your friends had come up with. The tutorial comes handy to first time players. Overall, an interesting reverse charades game to play with friends and family.

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