Assistant Pro for Android Review

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Assistant Pro for Android is a powerful app that takes care of all the system related tasks on your Android device. When you launch the app, the first thing you will see is the real-time analysis of your Android system resources. Assistant Pro for Android, which costs $0.99, is currently available to download at a discounted price of $0.15 in Google Play.


The process tab of Assistant Pro app list all the active processes on your Android device and you can keep a tab on them from here. Long-tapping on the apps will give you options to kill, uninstall or open the app details page. This list helps you to check the apps that are hogging your device’s CPU and battery. At the bottom of the page there are two options, namely Quick Boost and System Cleaner. Tapping on the Quick Boost button will release unnecessary RAM on your device while the System Clear button will help you to get rid of the junk files. The app offers an easy file manager for viewing the files and folders, including hidden folders and copy or move them from one location to another. You can also share the files using the Android sharing feature. The first of the two modules will scan all the .apk files that are saved on your device memory and give you the option to install them at once. Simply check the APK files you would like to install and tap on the install button. The uninstall option for batch on the other hand can help you quickly uninstall apps in succession. However, as the app never asks for root admittance, it doesn’t include the hushed uninstall option to save time.

Assistant Pro for Android Review

Assistant Pro’s startup manager module will automatically kill all the selected apps each time you restart your device. This process will not have any effect in your device boot time; however it will release some RAM on your device by killing all the unnecessary apps at the system startup. Backup and Restore module can be used to take backups of all the apps installed on your device. Simply check the apps you would like to back up and tap on the backup button to create the backup files. Later when you wish to restore the data, open the restore tab and simply select the backup files created.


Assistant Pro for Android modules might not be powerful enough when compared to individual apps designed for similar task, but for simple everyday Android maintenance needs, it’s really worth a shot.

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