SketchUp Mobile Viewer Android App Review

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SketchUp Mobile Viewer app allows Android users to store and access their own 3D models, as well as explore and download models from the entire universe of SketchUp files accessible in the 3D Warehouse. The app is priced $9.99 to download from Google Play.


SketchUp Mobile Viewer app for Android gives you the ability to open SketchUp models that are attached to email messages, directly from your mail app. You have the option to transfer files directly to the app from other cloud service apps or by copying a file to the device’s memory via an SD card (Android only).To get started, open the Mobile Viewer on your device. From the app Home screen, tap the Cloud menu. In the top right corner, select the cloud service you’d like to access. You’ll be asked to sign in if you aren’t already, with the immunity of 3D Warehouse, where you can search/browse/download files without being signed in. Steering features consist of multi-touch gestures for Orbit, Look Around, Pan, Zoom, and Zoom Extents, in addition to a Camera menu with options for toggling among Perspective and Orthographic camera modes, and adjusting the Field of View.

SketchUp Mobile Viewer Android App Review

Users can pan and zoom around 3D models using multi-touch gestures, and present their own private 3D models to clients and partners. The app allows you to choose the Scenes menu to decide on from whichever of the standard camera views (top, side, bottom, etc.) or choose from the list of pre-saved scene-based camera angles. SketchUp Mobile Viewer app currently supports the following Scene settings: Camera location/angle, Camera mode (orthographic/perspective), Field of View, Layer Visibility, Face Style and Background/Sky/Ground Style settings. The restructured app shows the panels in the model viewer screen, making them, to some extent, see-through, so that you can make out the effects of choosing a fresh scene, toggling layer visibility, or choosing new Styles with extra new tool tips highlight key features the initial time you start on the app.


The basic idea is how enormously precious a mobile sketch up viewer would be that one could take measurements from. The feature missed most, however, is support for section cuts. Without it, most scenes in model do not give the impression of being as expected, and viewing the interior of complex objects is somewhat complicated in broad-spectrum.

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