Peppa Pig: Seasons – Autumn and Winter iPhone App Review

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Peppa Pig: Seasons – Autumn and Winter for iPhone is a season inspired adventure game wherein you join Peppa Pig on her new Autumn and Winter adventures. You can download the Peppa Pig: Seasons game for $2.99 from iTunes App Store.


In Peppa Pig: Seasons – Autumn and Winter game, Peppa is a lovely pig that lives with his brother George, mummy pig, and daddy pig. Peppa likes playing games, dressing up and going to outings. The iOS game version of a popular TV show, Peppa Pig: Seasons – Autumn and Winter for iPhone provides kids a great way to interact with their favorite characters on the iPhone. The game features four fun-filled games that help pre-schoolers understand the change between different seasons – Autumn and Winter. In one, you help Peppa and George pick seasonal fruit to make jam, fruit juice or a cake. Second one involves building a snowman and decorating it with a carrot-nose. There’s an interesting tobogganing race, and explore Peppa’s autumn and winter environment wherein you control the weather, discover animals, jump in muddy puddles, and throw snowballs.

Peppa Pig Seasons Autumn and Winter iPhone App Review

When you complete each mini game, you earn a sticker for your scrapbook. The games might have different paths to take, therein offering different ways of completing them and providing great replayability for kids. Collecting the stickers itself gives kids a great incentive to go back and play it. Story-book like narration provides clear instructions to the kids, making it a lot interactive. It is like playing the TV show. The UI is well laid out and easy to follow. The game makes intuitive use of tap and tap-and-drag controls so that kids will find it easy to play. The game is also stable and responsive.


Apart from the price tag, Peppa Pig: Seasons – Autumn and Winter for iPhone has no in-app purchases or clickable ads, much to the relief and peace of mind to the parents. The game play is interactive. Most importantly, it will keep the kids engaged. As the mini-games can be finished in multiple ways, it also provides lots of replay-ability value. The UI is well laid out, while the controls are intuitive. The game is also slick and responsive. To sum it all up, a fantastic app for pre-school aged children and fans of Peppa Pig in general.

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