Magic Triangle Logical Math Android App Review

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Magic Triangle – Logical Math for Android helps hone your kids’ logical as well as calculation skills. The app is perfect for kids in the 5-15 age brackets. But that does not mean that adults can’t enjoy the puzzles. Some of them are ideal for killing your free time. You can download Magic Triangle app for $2.49 from Google Play Store.


From the creators of the Magic Square, Pair Pattern, and Multiplication Kakuro, Magic Triangle – Logical Math app for Android is tailor made for kids to improve their math skills. The game rules are easy to comprehend. Some numbers are already filled-in. You have to fill in the rest of the numbers so that each number is equal to the sum of two numbers immediately below it. At each point, to know which cell to fill requires some logical ability. Further, deriving the number requires mental math skills. By playing it, this is exactly what Magic Triangle for Android intends to achieve – improving your kids’ math and logical skills. To a little bit of history on the game, these puzzles are made by the creators of the award-winning Levelfield School. They are extensively used in primary grade math classes there. Not only they have proved enormously effective in improving the logical and calculation skills of children, they’re fun as well.

Magic Triangle – Logical Math for Android

Magic Triangle app for Android features unlimited number of puzzles. So your kid never runs out of challenges. Further, you can monitor your child’s accuracy and average time taken to solve sums in each difficulty level anytime. The concept of badges (silver, gold, platinum) provides a quick preview of your child’s progress. The UI is well designed and easy to use. The color scheme is easy on the eyes as well. The app is also slick and responsive. Magic Triangle app requires Android OS 4.1 or higher.


Magic Triangle – Logical Math app for Android keeps your kids’ engaged with its innovative and thought provoking puzzlers. It also helps parents to make sure that their kids spend more time productively rather than idly sitting in front of the TV. The games suits kids in the age bracket 5-15. Once in a while, you adults can also play it for some quick fun and test your math skills. Parents can monitor their child’s performance from within the app anytime. The UI design is decent. The app is also stable and free of ads. Check it out if you’re shopping for a suitable math puzzle app for your kids.

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