Car Locator App for Android Review

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During those weekend shopping trips, do you usually have trouble recollecting where exactly you’ve parked their car? If so, perhaps it’s time you’d tried out Car Locator app for Android. This little application combines GPS data with Google Maps to show you the precise location of your car. Car Locator Android app can be downloaded from Google Play Store for a reasonable $3.99.

Car Locator App Features

Once you parked your car, save the location in Car Locator App for Android. In order to do that, just touch the flag holding little man on the bottom right hand corner of the screen. A red dot will appear on the map or the radar screen depending on your preference indicating the saved location. That is it! Close the app and go about your shopping until it is time again to make your way back to your car. Car Locator app for Android will navigate you back to the car using GPS for navigation and Google Maps.

Car Locator App for Android

When you are planning to go back to the parking lot, fire up Car Locator for Android again and hold your mobile phone straight ahead of you. If you got radar view, the green dot indicates your current position while the red dot is the coordinate of your car. Now, walk in the direction of the red dot until the two dots overlap. By now you should be standing next to your vehicle. Other cool features of Car Locator for Android include parking timer and alarm, customizable background, home-screen widget for quick access, location history, manual coordinate entry, customizable radar visualization and shake to save the car location. There is also an option to set live wallpaper that shows your location, not to mention the feature that let you save your notes/pictures. The app also let you send your saved location to other phones having Car Locator application installed.

Another handy feature is the ability to save and auto sync your notes, locations, and photos to your Evernote account. Car Locator is compatible with Android OS versions 1.5 and upwards.


Car Locator app for Android does what it promises. It shows you the direction up to your vehicle in seconds, irrespective of how congested the parking lot could be. And it is pretty accurate as well. Shake to save, location history, option to send your saved location to another phone, and auto-sync with Evernote are all useful features. Overall, a pretty reliable car finding app that you shouldn’t mind having in your phone.

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