Rail Rush App for iPhone Review

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Rail Rush app for iPhone seems to have inspired from the mine cart sequence at the end of Temple of Doom movie. But its makers have successfully repurposed it as an endless runner wherein you’re in the cart rolling through the mine and your job is to dodge obstacles and collect gems and gold nuggets on the way. Rail Rush iPhone app can be downloaded for $0.99 from iTunes App Store.

Rail Rush App Features

If you’ve already played Temple Run, you’ll immediately get the hang of Rail Rush app for iPhone. In the game, you got to move your cart at high speeds to collect gold nuggets/gems. Gold appears on either side of the track as you go deeper into the mine, and you got to collect as much of it without dying. Leaning to the sides to touch the gold is all that takes to claim it. You can do so by tilting your iPhone to left/right as required, causing the cart to tilt to two wheels. Similarly, you can collect rock eggs and rubies. Rock eggs can be broken for a chance at a prize or exchange it for gold.

Rail Rush App for iPhone

The controls are intuitive and simple at best. Apart from tilting, other maneuvers are performed by swiping on the screen. For example, swipe up to jump over obstacles and swipe down to duck under them. Further, swipe left or right to jump to different rail lines if your track ahead is missing or broken. It should be noted that there are multiple ways to go around obstacles, and some of those would be safer and has more gold. How the player manages to find the right path is where the crux of the game lies.

The cart gains speed as you progress deeper into the mines. Hence you got to react quicker to avoid troubles. You can spend the gold earned in shops for upgrades. You can buy as much as three additional characters, 10 upgrades for your cart, and other cool powerups. Some of the upgrades are quite costly and might require you to spend some money to buy additional gold.

Further, if you need more challenge, there are special missions to strive for such as collecting a certain number of gems or change tracks 20 times. How far you’ve progressed in the mine can be read from the overhead marker.


Rail Rush app for iPhone is a challenging game that tests your reflexes and analytical bend of mind. It is fast paced throughout and you got to be on your toes to survive the cart ride. Its graphics and sound effects are more than decent to keep you engrossed. And at $0.99 Rail Rush game app is a nice bargain as well. Try it out if you love fast game of Temple Run genre!

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