Carango Pro Car Management Android App Review

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If you own more than one vehicle, it can be difficult to keep up with important information related to them. That’s where Carango comes in. Carango Pro – Car Management is a simple and useful application to manage all details about your car. It is available for free download from Google Play for 41.46.


With Carango Pro – Car Management you can track and log your mileage, fuel consumption, maintenances, and services cost for any kind of vehicle. Be it a car or motorbike, Carango Pro – Car Management has everything you need to help you know exactly how much expensive is your car. Carango Pro – Car Management App for Android has a lot of useful statistics like fuel consumption MPG, KmL, L100Km, etc, total cost and mileage review, average cost per distance, distance driven, expenses and a lot more. Carango Pro – Car Management is the most fine-looking and uncomplicated to utilize car management app in Android Market. Users can keep a trail of fill-ups, oil changes, services, insurance in a all-in-one car management app. There are no limit of data you can enter. Preserve records of each detail of your cars. Carango Pro – Car Management also lends a hand you with aide memoires to scheduled services similar to next oil change, tires substitution, general inspection and a great deal more.

Carango Pro Car Management Android App Review

Carango Pro Android app does support multiple cars. Yes, there are no car limits and it is usable in any place in the world because it supports multiple measurements systems. The stored data can be exported as a .csv file for further calculations on your computer. A feature that’s accessible only in Pro version. Now there are 5 different pleasant looking graphical charts to aid you to evaluate your car. Multiple measurement units supporting multiple vehicles and it also supports flex fuel vehicles. Detailed statistics are available by fuel type displayed in 5 cool graphical charts which also puts on show Mileage and fuel consumption calculation. Oil changes and maintenance tracking too are on hand. Service prompts and alerts, Insurance information is a typical addition. You just need to Swipe your finger to give you a plan about next previous items in all tabs. You can even export your data to Excel though it is only available in Pro version


Carango Pro – Car Management app for Android needs two filled refueling so as to work out the fuel consumption in the phase. They don’t call for to be essentially successive. This action is essential to assure the exactness in the utilization average. Lots of really fun features and a great, clear interface to guide you through all the different options. Now you can also put that smartphone of yours to truly good use.

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