CARROT Fit iPhone App Review

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CARROT Fit app for iPhone is the just right way to get in form. From perils to motivation, the app will have you laughing as you work out. Endeavor the seven minute workout with twelve exercises, follow your weight, and claim prizes for doing fine. Carrot Fit is by now available as a reminders app that turns on you should you not hit your goals, and an alarm clock that will discipline you when you sleep too long. The same code has now been functional to a fitness app, with CARROT Fit helping as your intimidating personal trainer. CARROT Fit – 7 Minute Workout, Step Counter & Weight Tracker app is available for download at iTunes for $2.99.


CARROT Fit iPhone app is so named for the reason that it makes use of the carrot and stick technique of training. You either get a reward or a penalty to encourage good behavior. Carrot Fit measures your body mass index and your weight variations and give you heartening words if you get closer to your goal. The setup is very undemanding; all you have to do is enter your weight particulars. CARROT Fit will then come back to you at the same time each day and ask you to enter your weight. Prizes and honor are handed out should you manage to shave anything off, but put any on and CARROT Fit will turn on you.

CARROT Fit iPhone App

CARROT Fit – 7 Minute Workout app for iPhone is a smart way of helping you along with a weight loss programme, and there is a novelty to it that might just keep you coming back. The price might bother some given that this is an app you will only use once a day for a short time, but if this is the application that pushes you in the direction of an improved lifestyle then it will have been worth it. If hard love is what works for you, then CARROT Fit may just be the right way forward when it comes to coming off a few pounds.


CARROT Fit iPhone app might just be the answer to your weight woes if all other apps have failed to help you get in better shape. The app uses a not-so-straight way of nudging you to lose weight as it flings either insults or compliments at you after you type in your weight.

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