Cross DJ Pro Android App Review

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Are you crazy about music? If yes then this new Android app is going to turn you crazier! Cross DJ Pro for Android is anything you ever wanted if you are into regular music mixing. It is currently being rated as the most powerful DJ app on Android. Incorporated with an amazingly functional audio engine, the app mixes tracks in perfect sync. For those who have loved music apps by Mixvibes, they will surely dig this one configure by the same creator! In short, the app is the perfect blend of good looks as well as smooth and clear functionality. So, if you thought your touchscreen has limitations, then this app is sure to challenge all that. Cross DJ Pro for Android is priced $4.99at Google Play Store.


Though the sync engine and the sounding FX are two of the most impressive features, Cross DJ Pro Android app can do much more than that. If you are wanted the app to completely take charge of your music then it sure will. It offers accurate BPM detection of any music and while mixing tracks, it helps in maintaining perfect sync without each eating up the other. You can also check whether your tracks are perfectly synced, using the beatmatcher which releases parallel waveforms. The manual pitch range is great and completely customizable. The bend of the manual pitch level is highly progressive too. If your area perfectionist then the beat—grid editing feature will surely catch your fancy. It gets the beats accurately and ensures that any and every track syncs with ease. A seamless fast-forward setup ensures that you can move over or cross-over a beat easily. Simply tap over the wave-form and seek!

Cross DJ Pro Android App

The split mono feature of Cross DJ Pro app for Android ensures that you can have an idea about your music tracks before you listen to them. The automix feature helps you to choose any track, mix them and play them with only a few touches! However, the interface is the most striking part. The app has has the right instructions provided right at the instructions o guide first-timers easily through it. The developer has also provided scope for use of an external mixer that will co-ordinate properly with the app to make some mayhem!


With the web world raving over it, Cross DJ Pro app has surely got some really fantastic features which are perfectly compatible with the latest versions of Android. Any Android phone with basic configuration can also get the work working its best. With some really interesting additions like separate tabs, history pane and easy navigation, the app is of great use for someone who are looking to revolution his own taste of music!

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