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Up! Alarm Clock app for iPhone let you wake up refreshed and more awake than before. The best part is that you don’t have to keep your iPhone plugged in or put it under the pillow. It does not measure your sleep pattern or sleep cycles either. Instead, the app might suggest you the best time to hit the sack. You can download Up! Alarm Clock – Simple Alarm Clock Timer HD for Healthy Sleep and Productive Workday app for $1.99 from iTunes App store.


Up! Alarm Clock app for iPhone uses a number of premiums features to ensure that you wake up at the right time, in the right mood. It suggests the right time to go to bed, depending upon when you wish to get out of bed. The app comes with four specially composed melodic tunes to set as the alarm sound, to wake you in a gentle manner. Up! Alarm Clock for iPhone works in the background. Even if you exit the app with an active alarm set, the app will try to wake you up no less than three times with your chosen sound. But keep in mind that the app does not work with silent mode and ‘Do not disturb’ mode. Hence, make sure that you turn off these features before setting up Up! Alarm Clock for iPhone. If you need a bit of motivation in the morning, you can listen to the app’s motivational quotes.

Up Alarm Clock iPhone

It is not that the users have to contend with the music tunes that come with the app. You can set your own music as the alarm sound to wake you up. Of course, iOS8 offers a means to set your own music as alarm sound. But the process itself is a bit complicated and it is the last thing one might want to do before hitting the bed at night after a hard day’s work. The app requires iOS 8.1 or higher.


Up! Alarm Clock app for iPhone allows you to wake up the morning, well slept and refreshed. Of course, the bed time suggestion works only if you hit the bed on time and don’t lie awake at night. The app is easy to use; it won’t take more than few seconds to set up the alarm, as well as alarm tone. Take note that the app does not work in silent and ‘Do not disturb’ modes. You can listen to the motivation quotes, if you want to inject some positive thoughts as soon as you wake up. Overall, a handy alarm app that helps you sleep better, and wake up refreshed for a productive day ahead. Check it out.

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