GPS Navigation & Maps Sygic Android App Review

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While traveling, it can be outright annoying if you don’t know exactly where the destination is. This is where navigation apps could extend you a helping hand. GPS Navigation & Maps Sygic for Android is one such tool that makes traveling in an unknown city a lot easier. You can get the one-week trial version of GPS Navigation & Maps Sygic app for free from Google Play Store. Later, you got to purchase it. The complete package costs €69.99 at the moment.


Map apps such as Apple Maps never offer offline support. Google Maps has limited offline support, within a 50 sqkm area. So what will you do if your trip takes you off the grid, in to a foreign land, where your data plan does not work? You could turn to an app like GPS Navigation & Maps Sygic for Android. The app let you download maps for offline use. Your phone uses its built-in GPS radio to plot the route on the map you have downloaded into the phone memory. So, you first got to select the states/countries you’re traveling in, and download the respective maps. Search appears to be a bit slow, but capable. There is no POI search feature; you got to enter the physical address of waypoints or destination manually. While on the move, Sygic offers both top-down 2D view and smart looking 3D display, complete with local topography. Both views are presented in vibrant colors, therein making the map features stand out. Certainly, it is one of the prettiest looking GPS apps in Google Play Store.

GPS Navigation Maps Sygic Android App

GPS Navigation & Maps Sygic comes with metric units. It can be a bit chatty while using voice navigation. No wonder, one of the first things you’d want to turn off while driving is audio notifications. Save that, the instructions are accurate and delivered in a timely fashion. The app further assists you with fresh instructions in case you miss a turn or take a detour. It also got a useful SOS feature. What you might not like is that some of the elements on the screen are a bit small to the average eye. Also, few elements on the interface is unnecessarily complicated.
Features such as walking instructions, speed camera location information, live traffic alerts, a heads-up display system, photo-navigation, dashcam feature, and celebrity voices will cost extra.


GPS Navigation & Maps Sygic is a feature rich turn-by-turn navigation tool that comes with offline support. The app allows you to download maps and use it for navigation without any mobile internet connection. The display is accurate and uses quite unmistakable symbols. The audio notifications can be a bit annoying to say the least. Premium features comes at a price. SOS feature comes handy during emergencies. Check it out if you’re looking for a navigational app with offline support.

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