CE5 Contact Android App Review

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CE5 Contact for Android provides features to interact with extra terrestrial civilizations. It is for those who enjoy the space and life beyond. You will make contact with extra terrestrial and also can be a part of a community who have interest in contacting extra terrestrial. It is a powerful app that follows the CE5 protocol to establish contact. The protocol is develop by Dr Steven Greer who is world’s best person on the subject of extraterrestrial technologies, intelligence and UFOs. He has successfully initiated peaceful contact with civilization beyond earth. His effort to demystify ET and UFO have inspired many around the world.

Get Into The Depth Of ET By Making Contact With Them

CE5 Contact Android app is an intuitive and powerful app that seamlessly and peacefully make contact with civilizations you never imagined. You will get access to the official training materials that was developed by Dr Greer. It provides an overview of all the topics pertaining to the protocol. You will get to know the step by step process of knowing all aspects of initiating the protocol. You get to have built in networking for messaging and searching people who are interested in extraterrestrials. You will find a comprehensive list of equipment. The app comes with an extensive library of audio samples, images, videos, meditations and others. The app brings to reality the effort put in by Dr Greer in an effective way. You will enjoy the experience.

CE5 Contact Android App Review


CE5 Contact for Android is a perfect replacement of the older version ET Contact. The new version is complete with exciting features, updates that includes meditations, networking, examples and sounds. The app includes offline mods when there is limited connectivity. It also allows local storage of visited pages and downloaded or played content. Some sections of the app will require net connection, sign up profile details and messaging. You can search on map for the required destination. The app costs $11.99 to download and use. The app requires Android 5.0 and up.

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