Toca Life Neighborhood Android App Review

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Toca Life – Neighborhood for Android is a gaming app that introduces kids to the Joy’s of starting a new life. It is a fun and educational app that is filled with all kind of scenarios you face when we shift home to a new place. Every aspect of a new neighborhood is covered, starting from a exploring the new block to meeting new people. Children will get to experience a whole new world filled with apartments, new shops and cafes. The children will learn to decorate their own home. An innovative way to introduce life to kids and they get to learn joys and pains of life.

Learn To Be A Part Of New Neighborhood With Toca Life

Toca Life – Neighborhood for Android is a beautiful and intuitive app that brings to life the entire setting of a new neighborhood. It provides 4 new apartments each with different themes. You get to explore all the four apartments. The characters can move from one place to another, shop and hang out. You can invite friends to café and pick food. You can buy new furniture and other objects to decorate your home. You can choose smoothie from the robot. There are 4 different tasty flavors. The app allows you to bring family and friends to take picture in the photo booth. You get to have great fun with the toy machine and the disco club. You have tiny creature visit you from hideouts near the elevator.

Toca Life Neighborhood Android App Review


Toca Life – Neighborhood is an innovative app developed by Toca Boca is as real as in a real life. The stories are woven from real life stories. You get to live in a friendly neighborhood filled with friendly faces. The app believes in the power of games to spark the imagination of kids. It encourages kids to be playful, creative and be themselves. The app can be used by kids aged four years and above. The app costs $3.99 and requires Android 4.4 and up.

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