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My Campus Facebook Apps

One thing that people absolutely should love about Facebook is how it allows people to share with each other. The amount of sharing, even by the standards of the internet, that goes on through Facebook channels is unprecedented. Because of that, apps like Check My Campus are becoming all the more popular.

User Interface

If you are familiar with how photographs and blocks of text look on Facebook, you’ll know everything you need to know for dealing with the user interface that Check My Campus brings forward.

User Interaction

As is often the case with applications that try and blend in with the overall look and feel of Facebook, the interaction and the interface are tied together. The interface is basic and so too is the interaction. With the interface requiring you to know how to read text and look at photographs, the interaction requires you to know how to scroll between the two as well as know how to post them yourself. If you know how to do these things with other Facebook applications, you have quite handily conquered the realm of knowledge that comes with Check My Campus.

Utility and Productivity

The main idea behind Check My Campus is that university students can show high school students what life at university is all about. If you take a look at what Check My Campus has to offer, what you’ll end up realizing is that Check My Campus is basically a place where university students can share their wisdom with high school students. You can post pictures of your campus, share stories about it or disagree with the stories that other people from your campus have posted. There is a large amount of give and take when it comes to this application and that is why the sky is truly the limit when it comes to what you can accomplish with it.

Final Score

Under most circumstances, an application as specialized as this one would lose points because of its lack of broader appeal. However, it is important that we don’t lose sight of the fact that Facebook originated as a means for students sharing information. That is why it is possible to give this app a high score even due to its highly specialized nature. That is exactly what we have done because Check My Campus has received a score of 8.5 out of 10.

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