BlackBerry eWallet Apps Review

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eWallet apps is a personal information security vault aimed at BlackBerry smartphones. For BlackBerry users, who heavily depend on the phone for personal as well as official purposes, the said application comes really handy as it helps track the myriad of passwords, account nos, security questions, PINs etc with lots of ease and authority. In other words, eWallet offers government level 256-bit AES encryption to safeguard private information from unauthorized access by third parties. And it is reliable as well.

For new users, it is advisable to go through the sample valet, as it will help the user to get used to what is in store in eWallet App BlackBerry, and the various options/functions available.

Utility / Functions of eWallet App

For a novice, here is how a wallet organization looks like: wallet at the root, inside the wallet is different categories, and inside categories, there are cards. Each card can further be personalized, and customized using suitable background and text color, as well as card corners. In fact, one could also choose different views for their wallets/categories. Users could even create multiple wallets, or nest one wallet inside the other, if one wishes so.

Each wallet is password protected. Users can either create their own passwords, or use the inbuilt password generator’s services to create a suitable password. The password generator lets users create passwords of select length/characters, as they wish. Further, the eWallet can be set to shut down after a predetermined period of non-use or inactivity, or after a certain, user-defined number of incorrect password attempts.

For online shopping, BlackBerry eWallet apps is capable of entering encrypted payment information that is only accessible by the intended online merchant. Those who prefer to $10 more could purchase a professional version of eWallet application, which comes with a PC sync feature that lets users synchronize their eWallet contents with their PCs (not available for Mac).



eWallet apps for BlackBerry offers a modern solution to the dilemma of having to store/save and remember multiple passwords and personal information, and secure it from third party unauthorized access. It is user friendly, easy to use, secure, and customizable. If there is any downside, then it could be the lack of integration of shortcut keys. The password generator comes has a handy option, as it frees the users of having to invent their own passwords, and remember them all. Overall, eWallet apps for BlackBerry mobile is an excellent tool to have in your Blackberries.

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