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White board presentations are an excellent way to demonstrate or describe your ideas in front of others. In corporate offices, it is in fact has become a part of their life. Now, Google Android users can have their own white boards, named ShareYourBoard, in their handsets, which they can edit and even share with other users over the web.

How to Use ShareYourBoard Apps?

ShareYourBoard apps lets Android users turn their real world white board presentations into corresponding data mined presentations, with the some added flavor and flare.

To begin with, users need to click a picture of the real world white board with the presentation on it using their phone camera. The captured info is then sent to the ShareYourBoard app, which in turn uses “edge processing” to determine the edges of the photographed white board through user command. Once the program determines its edges, it asks the user for confirmation. If the user gives ‘Yes’, the board gets saved in the memory. Further, prior to the image being processed, the ShareYourBoard app for Android gives the user a preview of the image of the white board for one final check.


The most important utility of ShareYourBoard apps for Android is the feature to add comments, such as to explain the work in little more detail than mere notations on the board. Comments are quite easy to add, edit or delete, and they will appear next to each board for simple reading. A user can in fact view multiple white boards, with their comments, like in a Power Point presentation. ShareYourBoard also lets user add batch comments, for multiple boards.

ShareYourBoard also lets users share their white boards with other users over the web. Developers of ShareYourBoard have created an online forum/community – – just for this purpose. This is one utility that will come handy to corporate executives, who want to share their presentations to their peers online.



ShareYourBoard is a decent Android application that lets users edit, modify, and share their white board presentations with fellow Android users online. It also lets users add batch comments for multiple boards, and view it as in a MS Power Point presentation.

If you are a corporate who want to share your ideas with the peers, even after the meeting is long over, well, ShareYourBoard is the app you should have in your Android smart phone. It is powerful, yet simple.

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