ClockedIn 2 App for iPhone Review

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ClockedIn 2 is a simple yet personal time keeping app for your iPhone. It let you track the amount of time you spend on your projects and other activities so that you’ll be accurate and productive at the same time. You can get ClockedIn 2 iPhone app for $4.99 from iTunes App Store.

ClockedIn 2 App Features

ClockedIn 2 app for iPhone builds on all the features in the original ClockedIn. The app helps you keep track of the time you spend on different tasks as you accomplish your goals. It gives you just that little bit of extra help to keep you accurate and up-to-date. However, there are no options for invoice or billing, and you’re expected to reply on third party apps to do the same. This is because the app is designed to provide just the functions you’ll need to track and report on one or multiple projects.

ClockedIn 2 App for iPhone

You just start the timer when you begin a task. Assign the task to a project. Then stop the timer when you finish the task. A single button starts/stops the timer. The amount of time spent on the task is saved and accumulated. You can review it later by day or project. Further, you can easily add completed tasks by triple tapping on the hour view. The app also provides graphics views of your activity for quick comprehension. You can use the ‘task switching’ feature to toggle between frequently assigned tasks.

In iPhone ClockedIn app, you can view weekly and monthly summary, customer and project totals, and totals view for day, week and monthly views. You will also enjoy its easy-to-read timer display and easy-to-understand reporting. Reports can be generated as HTML, PDF and CSV data files or in decimal format. The app’s “project filtering” feature help to generate totals for specific projects. You can also print the reports using AirPrint. Other features of ClockedIn 2 include calendar integration, address book integration, and support for multitasking. The app is compatible with iOS versions 5.0 or later.


ClockedIn 2 app for iPhone succeeds ClockedIn, and it does that in some style. The app comes across as a personal time keeping app to track the hours/minutes you spent on your projects and activities. Lack of billing support is however a downer. Adding and managing projects are simple and straightforward. Graphics let you track your activity by weeks during the month. The ability to generate reports in multiple file formats is a plus. Calendar and address book integration comes handy. Verdict: Good one, even though it is priced a bit high.

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