Construction Master Pro Android App Review

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Construction Master for Android is a calculator app built solely for the purpose of construction. Construction is a field where carpenters, builders and architects require precise calculation of entities that help them do their jobs accurately. The app is built with math calculator with functions and features that is most appropriate for the construction field. It is an ideal app for builders, designers, contractors, architects, engineers, carpenters, draftsperson, and trade men. The app is powered by core engine that makes use of advanced industry standard math calculation. The user’s guide available in English and Spanish will help new users to get the hang of the app. You just need to press and hold to get help.

A Builder’s Best Friend On the Job

Construction Master for Android is a brilliant and intuitive app for those who are in the construction industry. The interface is similar to any calculator. The entry, editing, and the backspace key can be used with a tap or swipe of a finger. It has all trigonometric functions as keys. The powerful functions built in the app helps you bid, plan, design layouts and provide estimates. It works in different dimensional formats that include decimal feet, yards, feet inch fractions, decimal inches, feet inch fractions and metric. The right-angle function simplifies the calculations of slopes, rafters, square ups and mush more. The allows you to save the function outputs and inputs and can be shared with others. The app has paperless tape, 4 memories, compound miters, and user defined preferences.

Construction Master Pro Android App Review


Construction Master for Android is a must have app for people working in the construction industry. It has all the functions that are used by all professionals in the industry. You get to use all functionality in the handheld device with this powerful app. You will not go wrong when you sit with clients as you can accurately and quickly calculate construction calculations. It will help you minimize costly errors and save money and time. The app costs $32.99 to download from Google Play Store.

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