Stick Nodes Pro – Stickfigure Animator Android App Review

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Stick Nodes Pro – Stickfigure Animator for Android is an app that provides the most powerful features to create stick animations for mobile devices. Stick figures are fun and it is mostly the first thing that we start drawing when we learn the art. Animating stick figures can be very fun and interesting and you don’t require a professional help to create your imaginary stick figure animation using this app. You will get inspired by its stick figure community and their creations. The website has over thousands of free stick figures that can be downloaded and used in your animation. It is so much more fun when you start creating a real animation.

Get Your Stick Figures Dancing And Walking Around

Stick Nodes Pro – Stickfigure Animator Android app is simple and intuitive app with intricate features to make stick animation really smooth. The app has customizable frame tweening that will make animations smooth. It has features similar to flash like for example rotate, zoom and pan. The app uses movie clip feature where you can create, loop and reuse animated objects within the projects. The app has variety of color, scale, shapes and gradients to create the stick figure of your imaginations. You can add speech and text using the text field feature. The app allows you to add different sound effects and filters to the animation to make all the difference. The proi version will not add water mark when you export. You can export to gif and mp4 format.

Stick Nodes Pro Stickfigure Animator Android App


Stick Nodes Pro is an amazing app and the most popular app among young animators. You get to have a good time animating and being a part of its thriving community. You can download their work and show off your creation and also create stick figures that others can use. There are several YouTube videos on stick figure animations using this app. The app is available in Japanese, Turkish, Russian, Filipino, Portuguese, French, Espanol, and English. The app costs $2.52 to download from Google Play Store.

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