Spyglass GPS Compass & Maps Toolkit iPhone App Review

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Spyglass GPS Compass & Maps Toolkit for iPhone aids in off-road and outdoor navigation. It is an essential app for those who want offline GPS. For adventurous travelers, the app has everything you need when you hit the road. It turns your smart device into a binocular, offline map, hitech compass, heads up display, speedometer, gyrocompass, waypoint tracker, altimeter, GPS receiver, angular calculator, sun, moon, and star finder, coordinate converter, rangefinder, sextant, inclinometer, gyro horizon, and camera. It helps you track your way back by saving waypoints and custom places. It navigates precisely back to the point showing you the way back.

Get Adventurous Off Road With The Perfect GPS Tool

Spyglass for iPhone is a powerful and intuitive app that acts as a perfect GPS and navigation tool. It is accurate and have special calibration methods and compass modes that makes your smart device the most advanced digital compass. It operates in 3D and displays real time object position. You can save current position, manually enter coordinates, add points from maps. You can add stars manually or use built in star catalogue. You can follow the directional arrow to locate saved objects and places. You will have information like direction, distance, azimuth, estimated time, elevation and more of multiple targets. You can copy, paste and it supports different formats. You measure distance between two objects in real time. You can calculate distances, dimensions and height of the object.

Spyglass GPS Compass Maps Toolkit iPhone App Review

GPS, Compass & Maps Toolkit

Spyglass GPS app for iPhone explores the capabilities of a smart device to its fullest. It is a powerful navigation tool that is most useful for hikers, cyclists, rock hounders, boaters, and hunters. It uses real time augmented reality to display detailed GPS info, sizes, measure distances, angles and lots more. You can take pictures with all the GPS information overlaid on the image. The app is available in European, Asian languages apart from English. The app costs $5.99 to download from iTunes App Store. The app requires iOS 9.0 and above. It is compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

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