Cookmate Recipe Manager Android App Review

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Cookmate for Android is a recipe manager app with search and import features. If you are the one who depend on recipes to cook up your daily meals, the app provides a perfect platform to help you do better with your recipes. You have one location to store all your recipes. You can create your own digital cookbook or build your personal recipe database which you came across from different websites or any other sources. The exclusive search engine helps you find all the recipes you want. Formerly known as My CookBook, the app makes it very easy to create a difference in your regular meals.

Cook Up A Meal And Manage Your Recipes

Cookmate is a simple and beautiful app that easily managed all your recipes. The exclusive search engine in the app allows you to find new recipes. You can manually enter recipes or import them into the app. You will be able to view the recipes on all your device. You can add a profile pic, change the cooking directions and also add new ingredients to the recipes. Also, include a comment so you remember what you had in mind. The app supports file formats like mastercook (.mxp), mealmaster (.mmf), Living Cookbook (.fdx) and more. You can create shopping lists with the ingredients in the recipes. Change the measure of the ingredients to serve more or less people. The speech feature will read the cprecipes fir you. You can also use smart watches to open the recipes.

Cookmate Recipe Manager My CookBook Android App Review


Cookmate Recipe Manager for Android provides you one single location to store all your recipes. You will not have to visit many sources to revisit your favourite recipes. It is your own cookery book. The app supports over 200 websites and you can send them details of websites you want the app to support. You can create a free or premium account of Cookmate Online. With the online version you get additional features that allow you to save and synchronize 60 recipes and 1 shopping list. The app has a minimal payment for download and use. There are no ads placed by the developer. There are no in-app purchases available in the app.

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