DW Contacts & Phone & SMS Android App Review

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DW Contacts & Phone & SMS for Android acts as a powerful aid to improve your productivity. It is a perfect replacement for your phones original contacts. The features make your phone contacts look less inspiring. People who are socially active and those who need to contact people on a daily basis for business will find the app very handy. The app help you handle bulk messages, contacts easily. The powerful features will help make your job by managing the numerous contacts and messages you need for various purposes.

A Powerful Contacts And SMS Replacement

DW Contacts & Phone & SM is an intuitive and powerful app that acts as a handy tool to manage your contacts. You can schedule and time your SMS for events like anniversaries and birthdays. You can add templates to your SMS and the contact name will be inserted automatically. You can search for all contact fields, create groups and manage each group separately. The app allows you to add task lists and create reminders based on it. You can filter contacts and share them as texts. The call history is unlimited and you can add individual notes to each record. The app allows voice broadcast with caller ID and contact name. There are automatic redial, VoIP assistance, and detailed call statistics. The app allows around 10000 quick action and storage.

DW Contacts Phone SMS Android App Review


DW Contacts & Phone & SMS is one of the power packed app for managing your contacts and SMS. It has a flexible configuration, customization and accessibility. It has a complete SMS and contacts support that you will never have to manage it on your own. The app allows backup of data into SD cards. The app costs $10.99 to download and use. The free version of the app is available with ads, limited features and customization, limit of 5 multi select modes, and can create only one application widget.

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