Geooh GO – Geocaching Android App Review

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Geooh GO for Android is a geocaching app that is the most feature rich and modern that is designed to be completely different. People who are used to c:geo might find it tough to get used to the app initially and you may even rate it low. It is a radically unique app that has features available with other geocaching app but also has features that is unique only with Geooh. If you are a beginner in geocaching, you can learn the basics from the official app Groundspeak. If you are a pro in geocaching, Geooh GO is the app for you.

Enjoy Geocaching With All Advanced Features

Geooh GO for Android is a simple, beautiful and user friendly app that takes geocaching to the next level. The geocache app has some unique features that make it really enjoyable to use. The alert pings and notifications for proximity and nearby geocache. The fingerprint sensor will launch quick actions. You can share offline lists with other nearby Geooh users wirelessly. Manage your friends list more efficiently. You can disable the API along with the usage meter. There is an optional dark mode HQ promotions and also leaderboards. A puzzle and challenge checker have links to the sites. Split screen option is available. You can work offline to monitor logging. It shows moss with county borders with names. It shows your cache with stats by date. It has a full screen immersive mode.

Geooh GO Geocaching Android App Review


Geooh GO Android app are for those who are big fans of geocaching. You can use it with Android watch and find daily updates from the watch along with map and compass. The app can copy cache log directly to TB log automatically. It can also attach the images to TB log. There is auto TB visits, bulk TB logging and you can also share TB lists from the scanner. There are regular updates to keep it running smooth. The app requires a premium membership with website for download and use. The app is priced $5.99 to download from Google Play Store.

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