Cool Photo Transfer App for Android Review

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If you regularly use your smartphone camera to capture pictures, perhaps Cool Photo Transfer app for Android might come just handy. It let you transfer photos from your smartphone to PC in really cool ways. How coo it is? Well, let’s find out. You can get Cool Photo Transfer Android app for $2.46 in Google Play Store.

Cool Photo Transfer App Features

Cool Photo Transfer app for Android let you transfer photos to your PC via an active WiFi connection. In fact, it got some cool ways to do it such as touching to your monitor, swipe, snapping you fingers etc. And it is pretty fast as well. Since it is transfer between two devices, you got to install the appropriate versions of the app in your phone and PC. Keep in mind, to transfer files, you got to have both your phone and PC connected to the same WiFi network. You can either let the app auto-connect to the PC or you can do it manually. The stand out factor however is the ease of use. Even for a first time user, it won’t take long to set up the companion apps and transfer the files quickly. When you first run the app, it’ll take you through a tour of the UI.

Cool Photo Transfer App for Android

There are multiple ways to transfer files between phone and PC. For example, you can send an image from your smartphone to PC via a simple gesture – such as a swipe. I.e. you just select a photo and swipe it to one of the edges of your phone’s screen. It’ll appear instantly on your PC monitor. An animation will playback once the transfer is complete depending upon the transfer method you’ve employed. As far as gestures goes, you can also transfer files by shaking the phone, hand clap, whistle, finger snap, pinch in, waving hand on the proximity sensor, or stretch. It is up to you to pick the mode you prefer the most. By default, the images just display on your PC. It won’t get saved unless you make it happen via app settings.

Android Cool Photo Transfer app also got a control mode that let you control various aspects of the displayed photo. For example, if you’ve transferred a photo to your PC, you can still rotate it by simply rotating your Android phone.


Cool Photo Transfer app for Android let you transfer photos quickly and easily through some cool gestures. Of the various transfer methods, swipe to transfer feature stands out. Finger snap and whistling are also unique ways to transfer pictures – something you might not have seen in other file transfer apps. The app is also available in a stripped-down free version. Verdict: If you’re looking for a quick photo transfer app, Cool Photo Transfer is an option worth considering.

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