Cribbage App for iPhone Review

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Cribbage has been popular for years, and now you get to play the same in your iPhone. For those who are new to the game, Cribbage is a 2-player game involving cards and a peg board, wherein the objective of the players is to get 121 points before your opponent could. Cribbage App for iPhone is a paid application and can be downloaded from iTunes App Store for a nominal $0.99.

How Cribbage Game App is played?

In Cribbage app for iPhone, the second player is the app itself. In other words, you’re pitted against an AI player, which makes the proceedings a bit tougher than playing against a human in real world. Unfortunately, the app does not provide a tutorial. If you still don’t know the game rules, you are left with no other choice, but to learn it from some other source, perhaps the internet.

Cribbage App for iPhone

The graphics part is impressive, if not great. Cribbage iPhone Games app performs smoothly, without any lag or jerk whatsoever. The cards are big for better view -ability. The app provides six card game plays, supports portrait mode, and game statistics to view your winning percentage any time (Byterun says a winning % of >50% indicates that you’re good). Further, there is an undo option for crib. And if a phone call comes when you’re in the middle of the game, don’t worry. The app auto saves the game on ring, and brings it back when the call is finished. Similarly, Cribbage auto saves an on-going game on premature exit.

At 1.1 MB, downloading and installing Cribbage app won’t strain your iPhone resources either. As it is observed, Cribbage does not drain the battery quickly either. Cribbage works with iOS versions 3.0 and higher.

Final Thoughts

Cribbage app for iPhone is a decent time killer application that would come handy when you’re waiting for your boss in a meeting or putting up with an inadvertent flight delay at the airport. The game needs some application of thought means that your brain warms up by the time you finish a quick game or two. On the downside, there is no tutorial to walk you through if you’re a first timer or a novice. Verdict: Cribbage iPhone app is a decent card game for time-pass.

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  1. Samanthany says:

    Cribbage Live for iPhone and iPad is much better. Live games and tournaments every day and every hour against hundreds of players.

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