Picture +D App for Android Review

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Picture +D app for Android let you add a third dimensions to your photos. In other words, using Picture +D, you can turn 2D pictures in your Android phone to three dimension ones, in a matter of seconds. Picture +D app for Android may be downloaded for a nominal $0.99 from Google Play (formerly Android Market).

How Picture +D App Works?

Picture +D Android app is a fun application that lets you create 3D pictures from 2D photos. The app does so by adding a 3rd dimension based on the color of each pixel. You can load an existing photo into the app, or click a new one altogether. Once converted into a 3D image, you can view the image using controls such as rotate, pinch to zoom, multi-drag, and multi-rotate. If you are still not satisfied with the image, there are still some more controls that are customizable to suit your requirements. However, you might have to go through the help guide to understand how you can actually do it.

Picture +D App for Android

It is observed that high contrast pictures give best results. If you smile, your tooth will stand out, giving an authentic feel to the obtained picture. It is also advisable to try out the various blending options, alongside the other options available to make the picture as perfect as possible.
Once you generate a 3D image using Picture +D app for Android, you can save the image or share it with your friends/family via email. You can also hide/show the original image or QR code at the share screen. The free version of the app however does not have the save option or the abovementioned features. The user interface of Picture +D is pretty simple and easy to use as there are not many options either.

One apparent downside is that Picture +D requires more processing power. It delivers commendable performance only on Android phones that are powered by at least a 1GHz processor. For low processors, the app gives relatively poorer performance.

Final Thoughts

Picture +D app for Android lets you add a fun element to your photos. It is quick and easy to use for most parts, certain customizable options that require some effort notwithstanding. You may try out the free ad-supported version first, before upgrading yourself to the paid version if required. Verdict: A fun app to have.

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