Doodle Farm App for iPhone Review

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Doodle Farm app for iPhone is an outrageous fun game wherein you breed and create new animals in your farm, and you start with a chicken and egg. Basically, your objective will be to figure out which two animals create a new one. iPhone Doodle Farm Game App may be downloaded from iTunes App Store for a nominal $0.99.

How Doodle Farm App is Played?

In Doodle Farm Game App for iPhone, you’ll be given elements separated into groups, and you drag two elements at a time to see if there is a reaction. In the game, you’ve got 137 animals across 17 groups. Once you create a new animal, you can get more information about the said animal. The game play is based on logic and process of elimination. That is, you use your common sense to think of various combinations, and if some of them do not work, eliminate those possibilities and try again. The interesting part of the game is that some of the combinations that work may defy your logic. And it is fun to explore the combinations thought of by the game’s developers in an interactive manner. At any time, you can choose to view the full list of sorted animals in alphabetical order rather than in the group view. This feature comes handy as you might lose track of what elements go where after playing for some time.

Doodle Farm App for iPhone

The graphics is excellent so are the background sound effects. The latter may be adjusted to suit your taste even though we suggest that you leave it in default mode. There are no control options either. You combine animals by simply tapping on their pictures.
Doodle Farm game application has two playing levels: casual and expert. As the term itself suggests, the former is for beginners and casual gamers and the game play will be a tad easy. Those who need more challenges may opt to play the expert level. Also, Doodle Farm has leaderboards on OpenFeint.

Final Thoughts

Doodle Farm app for iPhone is a time-killer game application that would come handy while waiting in the airport lounge or taking the bus back from work. The game play is simple, yet fun and interesting. The graphics is topnotch, and the combinations sometimes logic defying. Overall, a decent package of fun and awe.

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