Lookout App for Android Review

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Lookout app for Android is much like your antivirus program; it protects your smart phone against potential spyware and malware programs. The app also has one feature every phone must ideally have: device locator. And most importantly, Lookout is quite easy on system resources. Lookout Android app is a paid app ($2.99/month).

How Lookout App Works?

Lookout app for Android provides triple-threat protection, against malware, device loss/theft, and an eye for malicious programs that access more personal info than you might realize. The free version of the app provides malware scans, Find My Phone feature, and cloud-back up for your contacts. The paid version adds four more features: safe browsing to block phishing/malicious sites, remote wipe and lock, private advisor for your applications, and cloud back up for your photos and call history, so that you can restore the same on your new device anytime.

You need to register for a user account using a valid email address. You can use the same email ID to log into your online account in Mylookout.com. From there, you can perform system scan. If some malware is found, it is deleted automatically. Scans are performed by default every day, or when you are about to download an app. If you prefer scheduled scans, you can have it that way as well.

Lookout App for Android

One of the biggest pluses of Android Lookout application is that it doesn’t hog system resources. Lookout’s safe browsing feature negates phishing attempts. This feature prevents your browser from opening malicious links. The app launches itself as soon as you open any browser. Lookout’s device locate feature lets you remotely lock your Android device, if you’d lost it, or perform a factory reset, by logging into the admin portal. It is also possible to make your phone let out a shrill sound, which would certainly scare the daylights out of the thief who has your phone. The sound can only turned off by logging into your Mylookout.com account.

Each Lookout account comes with 1.5GB of cloud storage, which is more than enough to back up most users’ contacts, photos and call history. Finally, Lookout can geo-locate your lost phone using WiFi, GPS or the location of the nearest cell tower, and pin the location on Google Maps, viewable from your Lookout online admin portal. Privacy advisor feature lets you an overview of all the permissions required by all your apps. It is also possible to uninstall an app from within Lookout, if required.

On the downside, Lookout won’t alert you even if someone changes the SIM.


Lookout app for Android provides a complete package as far as your mobile security aspect is concerned. Verdict: A must have for your Android phone.

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