CyberGhost VPN WiFi Protection Android App Review

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A VPN shields our personal information and makes us tougher to monitor online by routing our web traffic over an encrypted connection to a distant server. CyberGhost VPN for Android is a Romanian and German-based privacy behemoth that serves over 15 million customers with complete VPN services. CyberGhost VPN for Android has more than 6,700 servers in more than 110 locations in 90 countries. CyberGhost VPN allows us to connect up to seven devices at once. We can remain untraceable and anonymous online using CyberGhost VPN. That’s because our industry-leading VPN protocols and encryption standards keep us safe from hackers and snoopers even when we’re on public Wi-Fi networks.

Fast & Secure WiFi Protection

VPN by CyberGhost – Fast & Secure WiFi Protection for Android allows us to switch between dedicated and dynamic IPs as needed, allowing us to utilise dedicated IPs when they’re needed and dynamic IPs for everything else. Ads, trackers, and dangerous websites are still blocked by CyberGhost’s filter. Except for macOS, CyberGhost supports the superb and open source OpenVPN on all of its platforms. Split tunnelling and a content blocker are among the capabilities of CyberGhost for Android. We may also pick our MTU size, VPN protocol, and whether or not random port connections are allowed. Surfing anonymously is the way to go if we want to keep our internet activities hidden. The app will connect to the server with the quickest speed and the least latency.

CyberGhost VPN WiFi Protection Android App Review

A fully featured VPN

To access Netflix, Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Sky, and a host of other services, the app picks the appropriate server. Simply select the service we wish to utilise and press the play button. The software also launches your browser and connects us to the streaming provider we choose to use. When connected to a public Wi-Fi network, Protect Wi-Fi is the mode that helps keep our data and activities safe. Unlike several VPN services, CyberGhost does not permit torrenting on all of its servers. This option allows the application to choose the best server for downloading torrents safely.

With specialist servers for P2P and modes that allow us to access many other services, CyberGhost makes it extremely easy to choose the correct server for our needs. CyberGhost has all of the features we’ve come to expect from the finest VPN services available. The user interface is simple and self-explanatory, which is a plus. You can start using the app for first 3-days trial. After that you need to Sign up and choose the CyberGhost VPN plan that fits your needs: 9.99/month, $53.94/6 months, or $59.88/year. The first week of each subscription is free!

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