Shimmer and Shine: Genie Games iPhone App Review

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Preschoolers learn shape identification, colour recognition, caretaking, and counting principles while playing games with their genie companions with the Shimmer and Shine Magical Genie Games app on their iPhone or iPad. To win unique genie gifts, kids may pick from a range of dress-up and hide-and-seek mini-games. We may play games and earn rewards to create our very own genie castle with Shimmer & Shine’s Magical Genie Games. The kids may then use all of their genie goodies to decorate their very own genie castle.

Preschool Kids Games with Pets

Users may explore the land of Zahramay Falls with Shimmer and Shine’s characters and creatures, earning genie prizes to collect things and customise their own genie palace. Preschoolers can learn social-emotional skills while caring for Tala and Nahal with Shine, identifying different gem shapes and colours with Shimmer, counting how many times they find Parisa in the forest with Leah, cooking potions with Zeta, and designing and decorating various items from the marketplace through an array of mini-games in the app. Shimmer and Shine chronicles the adventures of Shimmer and Shine, twin genies-in-training, and Leah, their best friend. Every time we assist your genie pals, we will receive a prize that will allow us to customise our own genie castle in Zahramay Falls. Simply choose whatever genie buddy we would like to play a game with, and we’ll be on our way to a new adventure: Shine takes care of our pets, Parisa and Leah play hide and seek, Zeta the Sorceress makes potions, and Shimmer adds bling.

Shimmer and Shine Genie Games iPhone App Review

Child friendly experience

To make a potion with an amazing surprise, choose from 19 different recipes and follow the instructions. Assist Shimmer in decorating 10 different bazaar goods! Color with paint and embellish with a variety of gems of all shapes and sizes. A social-emotional curriculum is included in the series, which emphasises the significance of collaboration, resilience, and overcoming difficulties. The series includes a social-emotional curriculum that emphasises the value of collaboration, perseverance, and overcoming difficulties. Overall Shimmer and Shine game for iPhone offers immense gaming experience to children and it constantly develops their cognitive thinking and other capabilities. The game also offers good graphics and better user friendly experience. The app is priced $2.99 to download from iTunes App Store.

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