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Stick Nodes Pro for iPhone is a great fun software that we can use on our iPod touch, iPad, or iPhone to animate stick figures and make them come to life. With this iPhone stickman app, we’ll be able to build our own animated.gif and take use of a variety of creative tools and features. The Stick Nodes app accomplishes this by allowing users to create animated.gifs with stick figures. Users are offered a variety of segment forms, allowing them to be quite creative and distinctive with their figures.

Animate Anything & Everything!

It also implies that no two models will be the same, allowing for complete personalization. We can add colour to stick figures either per segment or on a scale basis, so they don’t have to be dreary and uninteresting. Sticks Nodes has made every effort to create a seamless and enjoyable user experience, one that will not leave us feeling lost or bewildered. We can also store and share our figures once they have been created, as well as import them. For that extra touch of control in the animation process, there is even backward and forward onion-skinning. We can also export our animation to GIF (or MP4 for Pro) so we can share it online. Pro-only features include audio, filters, and MP4 output. A basic camera that pans, zooms, and rotates around the scene, similar to Flash’s “v-cam.”

Stick Nodes Pro Animator iPhone App

Best Animation tool in market

What makes this software stand out is the ideal balance it has struck between providing users with a wide range of professional and creative capabilities while being quick, easy, and enjoyable. We can utilise automated frame-tweening if we wish it, zoom in to see all the little details, and use the redo/undo tool to go back up to 20 actions. The app has a huge community with a variety of fascinating personalities and other animators. We may utilise Movieclips to make and reuse/loop animation elements in our applications. Stick Nodes is the best basic animation app on the App Store for iOS with lots of user friendly features. It is an excellent tool for teaching animation to students or newcomers, even in a school context. Simultaneously, Stick Nodes is strong and powerful enough to allow even the most experienced animator to truly display their abilities. The app is priced $2.99 to download from iTunes App Store.

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