Mysterium iPhone Game App Review

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Mysterium for iPhone is a cooperative game in which one player takes on the role of a restless ghost and the other players take on the roles of psychic, paranormal investigators attempting to put the spirit’s soul to rest. The hints are presented in the form of vision cards with artwork. Depending on the amount of psychics and how well the inquiry goes, a game can last anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes. When the mystery is solved, the psychics pick the incorrect murder scenario, or the timer runs out, the game is over. In Mysterium, one player assumes the role of a ghost and must persuade the other players to guess a certain person, location, or item in order to piece together a probable murder scenario. To begin, the ghost chooses one or more vision cards from a deck in order to persuade a psychic to guess their murder suspect.

An addictive board game

The ghost refreshes their vision card board and goes on to the next psychic, and so on, after the clues for one psychic are locked in. The ghost discloses whether the psychics made the correct guess or not at the conclusion of each round. Those that correctly deduced their suspect move on to determining the location of the crime and then the murder weapon in the same method. Those who guess wrong just restart the game, with the Ghost providing new hints. The number of rounds (hours, in game words) of guessing is limited, and if all psychics do not accurately predict their person/place/thing, the game ends when the clock runs out. The remaining stories follow the same path, although they also unlock certain game features, such as a Ouija Board that may be used as a murder weapon. This is a nice option, but it doesn’t really add anything to the game other than a small background to follow, and it’s also rather short at only nine stories. The third option for solitary play is to set up and play a regular game with AI teammates. There are the same choices for this as there are for online games.

Mysterium iPhone Game App Review

Offers great gameplay experience

Mysterium offers synchronous, cross-platform online play, as well as weekly and all-time leaderboards to keep track of your progress. A wonderful feature is that games are established in a lobby that includes a chat where players may debate preferred options. Pass-and-play may be the greatest option in the app because it is the only way to get the game’s entertaining, interactive conversation going. The app is priced $3.99 to download from iTunes App Store.

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