Data Counter App for iPhone Review

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If you’re one who frequently breach your data limits in your iPhone, Data Counter app will come more than handy for you. It is a universal app that works with all service providers and does not require an internet connection to work properly. You can get Data Counter iPhone app for $1.99 from iTunes App Store.


Data Counter app for iPhone gleans all necessary information right from your iPhone rather than scouting it from the mobile portal. This way, it saves few MBs each month unlike other similar app that requires internet connection to function and ends up using some data at least tracking down your data usage. Further, the app always provides the most current data usage as it uses the data info generated from your iPhone. Other notable features of Data Counter for iPhone include a monitor for your download speeds, effective security measures, and fairly comprehensive graphic displays. The UI is well designed as well. It is also easy to navigate. Performance wise, the app is responsive with not delays whatsoever. It is pretty easy to configure. You can set up your plan and launch the app to see your cellular data usage and Wifi. The app is compatible with 3G and LTE networks.

Data Counter App for iPhone

Data Counter iPhone app offers background monitor to record data usage even in the background. It also provides continued monitoring with immediate 10 minute reports after closing the app. Further, the app provides Day by day record of internet volume usage so that you’ll know which days you used internet the most. Data Counter for iPhone is compatible with iOS versions 6.0 or later.

Final Thoughts

If your data plans are costly, Data Counter app for iPhone might just be the right tool for you. It precisely tracks your data usage even without an internet connection. It is designed to scout all necessary info from your phone itself. The app is easy to set up. It is also pretty secure. The graphic display is impressive. The day by day record of internet volume usage provides a quick recap of your data usage pattern over a month or week. The app is also stable and responsive. To sum it up, an inexpensive and easy to use data usage monitor app that works across all cell carriers. Check it out.

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