ScipherKey App for iPhone Review

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ScipherKey is a data security app that helps you protect sensitive information saved in your iPhone. This may include bank account number, passwords, images, PDF docs, and secure documents. You can get ScipherKey iPhone app for $0.99 from iTunes App Store.


In the cyber world, regular attempts are made by malicious software as well as unscrupulous individuals to obtain private info such as credit card details or bank account information of people. ScipherKey app for iPhone helps you thwart such attempts using secure 256-bit AES encryption. Another advantage of ScipherKey for iPhone is that you can easily synchronize all your information with other iOS devices without sending your sensitive information through the Internet and cloud. The app uses the Multi-Peer Connectivity for synchronization so it doesn’t even need an Internet connection to synchronize your information. Further, all your private info is protected with a single password so that you don’t have to take the trouble of remembering multiple passwords.

ScipherKey App for iPhone

ScipherKey iPhone app has built in password generator that helps you generate secure passwords that are difficult to crack. While generating passwords, you have the option for choosing symbols, numbers and uppercase letters as well as password length to produce a very strong custom password. Apart from password protection, the app also got a temporary lock-out based on failed login attempts. Of course, you can group things together in categories, items and fields for easy handling. You can customize items by modifying/deleting existing fields or adding new fields. The app also got a smart search feature to easily and quickly find the items you are looking for. The app does not require any further subscriptions nor are there any hidden fees once you purchase it from iTunes. No limitation on the number of items you can create either. Only your iPhone memory is the limiting factor here. ScipherKey app is compatible with iOS versions 7.0 or higher.


In the digital age, there is constant threat to personal data security. ScipherKey for iPhone help you keep your personal data with class-leading encryption technology. The password generator help you generate secure passwords. Category based grouping help you manage your information better. The ability to sync info with other iOS devices comes handy. The smart search feature help you find you data quickly in case you have too many. To sum it up, a utility that let you keep your private info private. Check it out!

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