Dayframe Prime App for Android Review

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Most of us feel a lot better by simply looking at a beautiful photograph. Dayframe Prime app for Android is a photo frame/all-in-one slideshow app that’ll provide you with a stream of impressive and high-quality photos. You can get Dayframe Prime for $2.99 from Google Play Store.

Dayframe Prime App Features

Dayframe Prime app for Android features a friendly and stable UI with easy to use menus/controls. The app also let you upload your own collection of images and wallpapers. In fact, the app also features a large collection of beautiful photos that you’ll never run out of pictures to load. One aspect that might interest you is that the app is designed to play the slide show when your phone is ideal. Therefore you don’t have to load the app manually every time you want to view the slide show.

You can also choose the photo streams to load so that you’ll always get to view the photos you like. In fact, when you fire up the app for the first time, you’ll be asked to choose the photo stream you might want to load. Each stream represents a category such as sports, nature, food, travel etc. You can select three streams to start with. But you can add more once you finish the initial set up. The app will automatically load a stream of pictures that are related to the categories that you’d selected. You can also have custom playlists comprising of streams from your Facebook and Instagram photos. You just got to click ‘play’ to view the entire photo slide show. You can also configure the app to show the photos’ original creator and captions.

Dayframe Prime App for Android

Further, advanced screensaver timers let you decide when each playlist is shown. You can create and save routine playlists for mornings, evenings, and days of the week while at home and work. The app also has screen brightness timer, app timer, local weather info, and the ability to sync between devices. Once the app is running, it loads the streams automatically. You don’t have to modify or refresh the settings frequently. It is just great for people who wish to utilize their old or unused tablets.


Dayframe Prime Android app is a simple photo frame application that entertains you with a stream of beautiful and high quality photos. Setting up the app and creating your streams is easy at best. Custom playlists and timers are its standout features. But you can’t randomly load/shuffle photos in a stream. Verdict: Dayframe Prime provides a useful way to utilize their old or unused tablets. Check it out.

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