SayIt Voice Launcher App for Android Review

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If you’re in the lookout for some cool ways to launch apps, check this one out: SayIt Voice Launcher app for Android. From its name, probably you can tell that it involves your voice. Yes, it let you launch your favorite apps by telling its name. In fact, you don’t have to tell any app’s exact name. A part of it will suffice. You can get SayIt Voice Launcher Android app for $0.99 from Google Play Store.

SayIt Voice Launcher App Features

To launch an app through voice, you got to launch SayIt Voice Launcher app for Android first. You have four options to do that: an icon on your home screen, notification panel, widgets, and a lock screen widget compatible with Jelly Bean 4.2. Each widget is self organizing: they learn which applications you use most often and order them accordingly. The first widget is similar to the Google search bar. Click the icon on the left to bring up the self organizing app grid or click the icon on the right to launch applications by voice. The second widget is a dock that displays a scrollable list of apps and also allows you to start applications by voice.

SayIt Voice Launcher App for Android

The easiest way to access SayIt Voice Launcher is from the notification panel. You have to turn this option on as it is not activated by default. Simply say ‘SayIt’ or open it from the custom app drawer in the widget. The settings of the app will open up and you can check/uncheck to make SayIt Voice Launcher accessible in your notification panel. However, if you have two apps with similar names, there could be some trouble. SayIt Voice Launcher will get confused under such circumstances and might open the wrong app. Performance wise, SayIt Voice Launcher scores above par. The only time it misses if you speak too soon. SayIt Voice Launcher app is compatible with Android OS versions 1.6 and up.


SayIt Voice Launcher app for Android let you launch apps by simply telling its name. Place the SayIt icon on your home screen or lock screen, tap it, and say the name of an app you want to launch. Of course, the app could get it wrong if you have more than one app with similar names. Save that, it performs quite commendably. The UI is reasonably well designed. Verdict: Good one.

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