DayGram iPhone App Review

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Jolting down your thoughts can be therapeutic as it frees your mind temporarily. DayGram for iPhone provide a clean and easy way you do exactly that. It is a simple and intuitive diary app that is designed to record your thoughts and experiences throughout the day. You can get DayGram – One line a day Diary for $0.15 from iTunes App Store.


Given that most of us spend a bit of time sitting on the bus, subway or just lounging on the sofa each day, our omnipresent iPhones are pretty much the perfect tool for keeping a diary. DayGram app for iPhone is an excellent tool to keep track of your thoughts using a simple tap-based UI. Day Gram for iPhone is not complicated, as typically a journal app should be. Just tap a button to add your entry for the day. If you wish, you can later edit it to add more contents. Anytime you can view your entire timeline of entries, and checking previous days, weeks or months as you wish.

DayGram iPhone App Review

DayGram for iPhone has no configuration or set up to complete. As soon as you download it, you can straightaway jolting down your thoughts. But it does come with some additional features of note. For one, the app is integrated with Dropbox. You can back up your diary to Dropbox as well as restore it if required. You can vary the font size or insert the time of your entry. You also got an option to use passcode to secure your entries. It is also possible to send an entry by email, if you decide to share your thoughts with someone. The UI of DayGram app for iPhone is simple and clean. Adding a new entry or entering the time is a matter of few clicks at the most. The app is also stable and responsive.


By clicking at the bottom of the screen, the journal entry for today is opened, and we managed to type in couple of lines. We found the entire process slick and straightforward. DayGram for iPhone has intuitive controls and uncluttered interface. The focus is on the content and it gives all unnecessary bells and whistles a miss. Dropbox integration helps you to back up your entries. There are also few customization options such as font size or inserting the time of entry. Passcode protection comes handy if you wish to keep your diary strictly private. Overall, an easy to use journal app that is worth checking out.

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